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2015 Spa and Salon Trends


Here are some the trends we found for the 2015 Spa/Salon Industry!

Spa trends 2015 and salon trends 2015 - microdermabrasion

2015 is poised to be a great year for spas, salons, beauty bars, waxing salons, blow dry bars, and wellness centers. Here are a few key industry trends to keep an eye out for in the new year.

Skin: Anti-Aging

As the Baby Boomer crowd has grown older, the anti-aging beauty segment has grown exponentially. In fact, this sector of the spa industry is the fastest-growing wellness category—it’s projected to reach $300 billion in 2015. Some specific anti-aging trends to watch include:

  • Earlier adoption of anti-aging regimens by consumers between the ages of 26 and 38.
  • Natural formulas that are GMO-free, gluten-free, and contain probiotic ingredients.
  • Topical BB creams containing moisturizers, UV protection, antioxidants, and wrinkle reducers.

Body: High-Tech Healing

As consumers spend more and more time with technology, they’re becoming more interested in personalized spa experiences that integrate technology with classic services. High-tech treatments such as microdermabrasion, light therapy, and micro-needling will be all the rage, as well as customized treatments based on unique needs trackable with today’s tech.

Products: Sustainability & Accountability

Consumers today care about more than just the end result of the products they use. They want to know how they were made, which ingredients were used, what impact the manufacturing process has on the environment, how products are tested, and whether packaging will biodegrade easily or wreak havoc in its landfill afterlife. Consumers are holding beauty manufacturers and technicians responsible for using products that are healthy for both themselves and the earth, and your 2015 inventory should take this into account.

Hair: Bobs, Waves, Volume, and Braids

All signs point to a resurgence in retro styling. Short bobs, whether sleek single-layer or asymmetrical cuts, are making a comeback after the longer shoulder-length trend in 2014. For long hair, beachy waves and soft volume are primed to take center stage in spring. Braids will also be a big trend in spring and summer, from sleek and simple to wild and intricate.

Makeup: Bold Liner, Plum, Natural Beauty

Runway trends from Spring 2015 Fashion Week revealed some fun beauty trends for the new year. Bold eyeliner featured on a number of catwalks paired with subtle lips; plum shadow and lipstick provided a pretty pop of color; and fresh-faced neutrals stood out as a foil to ornate clothing.

Source: Cosmetics Design

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Here are some of the hottest trends in spa for 2015:

Wellness and Preventive Treatments
Consumers will continue to focus on wellness and treatments that help them support good health and well being in the coming years, whether it is treatments designed to protect your skin and hair from environmental damage, or wellness massage packages. The key interest is going to be on treatments that support health and prevent problems rather than just addressing issues once they become problematic.

Customizable Treatments
Consumers love the idea of couture treatments. And we will continue to see growth in treatments and services that have a customizable aspect to them. Whether it is picking the essential oils to be used in a massage, or choosing the focus of a facial, everyone loves to feel like the treatment they are receiving is as unique and special as they are.

DIY Treatments
Consumers are always looking for ways to extend their treatments and have them last longer. At the same time, they are also looking for ways to make a spa lifestyle more affordable. DIY treatments that they can do themselves at home are a rapidly growing segment of the spa and salon industry. Whether it is customized hair color that they can take home to touch up their roots or a special facial mask that will help them extend the benefits of their facial, there are many different opportunities for creating DIY treatments.

Green treatments
People are paying more attention to living a green, environmentally friendly lifestyle and this translates over into their spa treatments as well. As we continue into 2015, you will see a rising demand for green treatments and products made with organic ingredients by companies who are ecologically responsible. Consumers will also be paying more attention to whether your business has implemented environmentally friendly practices such as water conservation, use of organic ingredients, and proper disposal of chemicals.

De-stressing treatments
This is such a fast paced world we live in and it seems we’re all suffering from stress. Consumers are constantly on the lookout for ways to de-stress and recharge. Whether it is through massage or a specific skincare treatment designed to de-stress and detox the skin, treatments involving a de-stressing element or catering to consumer’s need to recharge will continue to be popular in 2015.

Hydrotherapy has always been a popular aspect of spa, primarily as an add-on to other spa treatments. But as people start to recognize the many benefits of hydrotherapy, we’ll see a lot more demand for hydrotherapy and wet body treatments in the coming year.

Mini Treatments
Time is a hot commodity in today’s world. Nobody seems to have enough of it. Mini treatments can mean the difference between getting in some spa time or having to give it up due to lack of scheduling and budget concerns. It can be a great way to fill in small spaces in your calendar, feature new treatments that consumers aren’t ready to commit more time to, or provide the opportunity for clients to fit more spa time into their busy schedules. Having mini-treatments as an option on your spa menu can mean big bucks in 2015.

Treatments for Men
Men are a huge demographic who are becoming more aware of the value of taking better care of themselves. In 2015, we will see even more men looking for treatments geared towards them and their specific needs. From high-end barber services to facials and massage, the demand for treatments designed for men will continue to grow.

Group Experiences
Spa and salon has typically been focused on individual treatments. But a growing trend is toward encompassing a more social group aspect into the spa world. From mini classes on health and wellness topics to more group treatments (such as massage or manicures), the opportunity to come together as a group for learning and pampering will be one more and more consumers continue to seek out.

Spa for the Whole Family
Everyone is always looking for more ways to spend time with their families. The spa world is not well known for incorporating family into treatment time, but creating a place for families on your spa menu could be a game changer.  It could be something as simple as providing childcare services while parents enjoy some spa time or offering spa treatments for teens and kids. Regardless, busy parents are always grateful for a way to spend time with their families and pamper themselves at the same time.

Let us know if you’d be interested in any of these Spa treatments. We’d love to incorporate any of the ones we don’t currently offer. 


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