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Recently myself and a few other spa/salon owners have had a really hard time clients and proper spa behavior.

Often times our clients are first timers. First timers are usually excited about their experience and we look forward to making sure they keep that experience throughout their entire service from beginning to end. There are a few things you should take note of when walking through the spa. The spa is quiet serene place there loud talking and walking should be kept to a minimum. There are also some situations, but not very many, where we can not accommodate you. While we do have the right to refuse service, most spa/salon owners only do so in case of an issue that may cause a problem to the professional or to the client. If we have to say no please talk to us about it so that we can both have a clear understanding of the reasons why. (And some of you ladies know what I mean. It’s disrespectful to try to get a waxing when you have a lady situation going on.)

When you come to a spa in city like ours, CHICAGO, the winters can be harsh on us all. While we do our utmost best to keep the spa clean,  neat, and tidy, during the winters it gets a little hard to clean up after the residue that the snow and salt leave on all our wonderful footwear. There is bound to be somewhere in the spa/salon where the winter get’s inside. Please take note of that, but also take note that we are busy little worker bees and we doing our darndest to make everything pristine.

One of my biggest pet peeve with return clients is when the client isn’t getting the result that they were looking for and tend to want to put the blame on you. If your therapist or stylist suggest something for you or a regimen and you don’t follow it…….there is absolutely no way we can take the blame for it. We give you our suggestions of not only what we think would work for but will help you gain the results you are looking for. If you’re not following what we suggest there’s only so much we can do when you come back to us. We’re not miracle workers, but we are hard workers and we work to make you the best you.

While we’d like to believe that we can please everyone, the truth is we can not. No matter how hard you try can not make 100% of the people happy all of the time and you can make the people happy 100% of the time. There are going to be some complaints. Most owners like myself welcome objective feed back. What we do not welcome is harsh, over-the-top criticism. That can be hurtful and disheartening. What we like the most is that if you are unhappy with any part of the service you received you let us know before leaving the establishment. We not only appreciate it addressing your concern, we’d like to make sure we don’t make that mistake with others. If there is something that mostly only applies to you, we’d like you to let us know right away so that it can be addressed. If you during your service your feel uncomfortable please feel free to let us know or if there is something you’d like us to do more of we like to know as well. For example if the pressure during your massage is too much we need to know right away. If during your facial you’d like greater pressure during your shoulder we need to know that too. Our main goal is to make sure that we make you happy, make you want to come back, and make sure you see and/or feel results from your service. What is hurtful and harmful to us personally and our business is when you post on websites such as Yelp or Facebook and make harsh and often slanderous comments on these sites. People want to know that they can trust us and with the flick of a button you can end that. Don’t get me wrong these outlets can be helpful but only with constructive criticism. If you don’t have anything nice to say sometimes, like our mothers have often told us in the past, Don’t say anything at all.

Like I said before our ultimate main goal is to make sure we make you happy. We want you see results, feel results, be happy, satisfied, and fulfilled. But most of all we want you to come back because you Love us and we LOVE you and maybe next time you’ll even bring a friend. Happy Spa going people!!

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