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How Are You Caring for Your Skin During the Dry Winter?

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Do you have a great way to care for your skin during this dry winter season. Here’s a great way. Our cleanser is a MULTI-TASKER?! A Product that does double (and triple) duty are a MUST in today’s economy! That’s one of the many reasons I LOVE Younique’s Illuminate CLEAR facial cleanser!! Formulated for normal to oily skin, it is one of the most versatile products on the market! It can be used as a cleanser or • Dry skin mask • All over body wash • A spot treatment for acne • Facial scrub by adding sugar to it • Shaving cream • It’s unisex…yes, men can use it, there are no pink bows, no flowery, girly smell! You will love this cleanser!! It’s also available as Illuminate CLEAN, formulated for sensitive, normal to dry
skin. Its time to give your skin a treat! 💆




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